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She smelled like gold and tasted like
glitter. And so I wanted her. And so I 
needed her.

Every step was a downpour I couldn’t escape.
Her bunched up socks and scuffed knees,
so obvious. She asked if I had the time

and I said:
"It’s yours, take it."

Take my time and my wounds and my money too.


Gold and glitter didn’t need my time or wounds or not even my bus fare.
She had enough of those and more to spare. I offered her a cigarette, but she had sudden death in mind. I put my hand out for the bus, she stuck her foot off the curb.

"We’ve shared a bed multiple times."
I’ve shared my bed more times than we’ve shared my bed

And I’m only kind of sorry, if I hurt your ego


Romance is dead, but
So am I

"You remind me of my northern
relatives. I thought it was just a
relative thing but I think it’s regional”
          “What do you mean?”
"You look around a lot. Never spend
too much time looking at one thing.
I’m a southern boy, I like to take it all
          “If you look at one thing for too
you might miss something else.”
"I’d rather get a good look at one
         ”I never see myself in love with

gonna pop out some poems i found lying around early this morning. quickly revised. pretty satisfied.

It took twenty days and twenty-one nights to forget his name. 

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